The politics of Budget 2022

Sir, – Pat Leahy aptly describes the Government as spreading largesse thinly as it looks over its shoulder nervously at Sinn Féin ("Budget was centrist, incrementalist – and looking nervously over at Sinn Féin", Analysis, October 12th). It accurately describes the efforts of the centrist parties to ward off what seems like the unstoppable march of Sinn Féin into government. Throwing fivers left and right will be totally unavailing unless it is accompanied by a clear and consistent picture of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail moving toward truly becoming a coherent entity. Away with Leo Varadkar's solo runs and the waving of little party flags and more of a coherent joint policy framework designed to paint an image of an entity with a viable notion of how to keep Sinn Féin on the sidelines. Nothing short of a genuine FF/FG alliance founded on trust and a solid policy platform speedily developed over the next three years will avert the realisation of what a sizeable chunk of the electorate would consider an appalling vista. – Yours, etc,



Co Limerick.