The National Maternity Hospital


Sir, – At a time when the relationship between the State and private hospitals is under the spotlight for many reasons, new concerns have emerged about the proposed transfer of ownership of the National Maternity Hospital. It is alarming to read (Dr Peter Boylan, Letters, May 27th) that the March 16th letter of grant from the Vatican supposedly enabling this transfer to proceed contains a proviso that certain canon law provisions “relating to the validity and lawfulness of alienations . . . are to be observed”.

Does the inclusion of this clause suggest that one party to the transfer may not be acting “in good faith”?

What will this clause mean for future NMH patients?

And how does it address our real concerns about the potential for Catholic doctrine to influence clinical practice in the new NMH?

As we mark the second anniversary of the passage of the repeal referendum, we need clarity on these matters in the interests of women’s health. – Yours, etc,


Seanad Éireann,

Leinster House,

Dublin 2.