The Leaving and media hype


Sir , – In Carl O’Brien’s article “Leaving Cert ‘too narrow and rigid’, OECD review finds” (News, November 30th), he states, “The review also notes the points system generates high levels of stress and anxiety among senior cycle students and their families. Irish media it says, both document and – to some extent – contribute to this environment with ‘an exhaustive coverage of Leaving Certificate assessments during the summer period each year’.”

Early in the new year, we will once again have the media build-up to the Leaving. The importance of the mocks, how to do well in the orals, the Easter revision courses, the individual subject booklets, how to get maximum points, how not to stress, how to eat and sleep properly, and the daily forensic analysis of the exam papers, etc. We get a lull in July and then the results coverage revs up in August . There is no other country in Europe that has the same build-up to a state exam.

I appeal to the media to calm it all down next year. The pupils themselves, their teachers and parents are together well capable of dealing with whatever the Leaving Cert throws at them. – Yours etc,



Co Limerick.