The creed and a wide-ranging faith


Sir, – I read with interest the article by Ronan McGreevy on memories evoked by his visit to Knock (“I miss comforting certainties of Catholic faith I grew up with”, Opinion & Analysis, September 4th). I enjoyed the article.

However, it quoted a line from the Nicene Creed. The line should read “one holy, catholic and apostolic church”, not “one Catholic and apostolic church” as quoted.

The important difference is that the word catholic with a lower-case “c” means universal, all-embracing, wide-ranging. It refers to a universal and worldwide Christian church. Catholic with a capital “C” would refer only to the Catholic church. The (lower case) word is found in both the Nicene Creed, used in the liturgies of Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and also the Apostles Creed, used in the liturgies of Catholic, Anglican and many other Protestant denominations. – Yours, etc,


Wicklow Town.