Temple Bar


A chara, - May I make the following suggestions to Temple Bar Properties:

1. Rip up the remaining cobblestones and sell them as paperweights. They are ruining my white stilettoes.

2. Order the removal of all remaining wooden frontage panelling on shops and pubs in the area. More glass, please. I want to be seen and I want to admire my reflection without interruption.

3. Get a McDonalds into the place a.s.a.p. It needs some real food and wrappers.

4. Erect a large glass statue of Oliver Cromwell in a stainless steel skip in Temple Bar Square (take note, Mr Smurfit).

You see, all of these cosmopolitan amenities could only serve to enhance the Irish reputation for tolerance, hospitality and aesthetic appreciation. Sure, isn't that all that we want? - Yours, etc., Gertrude Sampson,

North Great George's Street, Dublin 1.