Teach theology, not religion

Sir, – In proposing a new subject religion, beliefs and ethics in primary schools, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment is doing something essential rather than promoting merely “another worldview” (Opinion & Analysis, July 30th).

By giving all children the opportunity to learn about the beliefs and values of diverse groups in society, the government would be providing for their education in some of the liberal democratic values on which the State itself is based. They include openness to a range of views along with inclusive and respectful citizenship.

In religious-run schools the new subject would complement rather than devalue a religious ethos which accords with the understanding and practice of these values.

–Yours, etc,


Drum Cross,


Sir, – Perhaps, as religion is one of the greatest causes of conflict in the world, rather than teach religion in schools we might study theology and get a greater understanding of our fellow man. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 16.