Street clutter and safer cities


Sir, – As a citizen with a visual impairment, I find it incredibly difficult to find my way through the chaos of shop signs, restaurant and café signs, public bins, bus stops, poles, vans and cars that are half-parked on the pavements and beggars who are sitting with their legs stretched out as if they own the pavement.

But you don’t have to be a person with a visual impairment or use a wheelchair to find the situation impossible. People who are perfectly healthy get frustrated and tense when walking around town is such a strain.

I wonder why Dublin City Council hasn’t done anything yet to improve the situation?

I would appreciate, as I am sure many people would, if Dublin City Council would do something to find out about the public’s opinion about the clutter on the streets of Dublin and what could be done to improve the situation. This could be done through an online questionnaire or something similar.

I would also like to appeal to every shop owner, restaurant owner, van or car driver and all other people to do their bit to make sure the streets of Dublin are more accessible for everyone again.

And I think it can start with very little things such as not standing in the middle of the pavement while on the phone. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.