Speed limits and driver safety

Sir, – There has been a discussion on the call by the Road Safety Authority and others about the possibility of introducing speed limiters in cars. However, this technology is very new, and it would take many years for all car manufacturers to install them as standard. There is another system that could be introduced quickly. Every car could be monitored with a GPS device linked to a mapping database that covers all roads and speed limits in Ireland. The insurance company AXA introduced such a scheme for young drivers in 2012, and this allowed AXA to track driver speed and behaviour. The system could be modified so that if a driver was driving over the speed limit in a certain area, the driver is alerted and given time to reduce their speed. Continuous driving over the speed limit would then result in penalty points and a fine. In effect, it would be as if there was a continuous speed check on all cars at all times. Such a system would save many thousands of Garda hours in speed monitoring, and with a consequent reduction in speeding, would save many lives every year. – Yours, etc,


Salthill, Galway.