Space – back to Earth


Sir, – Reading about zillionaires spending millions to experience a few seconds in outer space is enough to make any sane, rational being weep (“Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space launch”, World, July 20th).

The case for governments to actively curtail the capacity of individuals to amass onto themselves huge slices of the common wealth to be squandered on such self-indulgent antics is surely glaringly obvious. It is even more urgent given that while those individuals were expending massive resources skipping across the heavens for fun, thousands of human beings were undertaking perilous journeys across deserts and seas trying to escape wars, famines and other deprivations. Their endeavours are heroic by comparison, yet they are met with rejection. Do we overestimate the decency of the human race? – Yours, etc,


Rathedmond, Sligo.

Sir, – The egos have landed. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 15.