A Chara, - While tuned into Morning Ireland on August 27th, I heard the secretary of the ICSA, Mr Pat Lawlor, speaking with regard to a directive issued by the EU to curb excessive beef production in Europe. The EU solution is to slaughter 10 week "baby" calves.

Sorry, have I missed something here, or what is the logic of producing calves if they are to be slaughtered and incinerated soon after? Perhaps it would be more logical to take the older cows out of the food chain, thus causing a natural gap in production.

I was shocked to hear such a repugnant proposal from the EU. Surely there must be a more humane solution to this bovine problem? Why is there not more of an uproar from the various other farming organisations - or do premia help to keep people quiet about such atrocities?

More power to you, Mr Lawlor. It's time people started speaking out against bureaucratic decisions before they are allowed to come into effect, and the harm is done. What comment has our Agriculture Minister on this issue? - Yours, etc.,


Dublin 5.