Sick certs, maternity and women TDs

Sir, – The debate about the right of women TDs to maternity leave should be informed by facts. The claim that women TDs who stay home after having a baby have to put in a sick cert is incorrect (“Miriam Lord: Taoiseach throws bucket of cold water over little sparks of hope for Brexit deal”, December 8th). There is no such requirement. The only situation in which TDs are required to submit a sick certificate to the Oireachtas is if they do not want to lose a portion of their travel and accommodation expenses in respect of days they did not attend the Dáil. TDs are paid their salary regardless of whether they attend the Dáil or not. A TD only needs to attend the Dáil for one day in a Dáil term – in order to sign the roll of members of Dáil Éireann within 30 days of their election – and they will be paid their full basic salary of €96,189 a year. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.