Shop around for the best of Ireland


Sir, – I was genuinely disappointed by Jennifer O’Connell’s piece in Saturday’s edition entitled “A week in Kerry for €21,000? Do I get to keep the house?” A fairly sensational headline for an article that manages not only to take a swipe at Ireland’s hospitality industry but also rolled together with some untrue claims that Dublin is both overcrowded and an unsafe tacky resort.

The figure in the headline does not in any way reflect the general cost of renting a holiday home in Ireland for the vast majority of holiday makers. Likewise the cost of a hotel room in Dingle at €2,700 is not indicative of the cost of a similar room in other locations in Ireland. There is fantastic value to be had across all types of accommodation in Ireland this summer and my advice is shop around and book direct for the best deals.

Secondly, if a consumer is less than happy with the standards or experience in an establishment please give feedback at the time as this allows the venue an opportunity to deal with the issue there and then to your satisfaction.

When it comes to sustainability I can assure your readers that no one in the tourism sector wants unsustainable tourism which is a key consideration by visitors when deciding to visit Ireland.

The umbrella group representing tourism, Irish Tourism Industry Confederation ITIC research consistently shows that visitors to Ireland highly value the scenery, natural environment, and cultural heritage that the country has to offer. All are unique and irreplaceable natural assets and – along with the friendliness and hospitality of our people – are the primary reasons that visitors come to our shores. Tourism deserves to be called out when it gets it wrong but it also deserves great credit for delivering on the vast majority of people’s expectations. – Yours, etc,


General Manager,

Buswells Hotel,

Dublin 2.