Sharing the road


Sir, – As an avid cyclist, enthusiastic walker and sometime motorist, I share your correspondents’ recent views on the subject of mobile phones and road users.

A practice which is more prevalent in my view, is that of cyclists using headphones while travelling, thus insulating them from ambient noise as well as compromising their concentration levels, thus rendering them a danger to all road users. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – While I find the vast majority of motorist’s are conscious of cyclist safety, I’ve witnessed incredibly dangerous driving throughout my experience of cycling through Dublin. However, I’ve also observed the reckless habits many cyclists which endanger other road users. The onus is on every road user to be respectful of others, including cyclists. Rather than continuing a futile finger-pointing exercise, I encourage both motorists and cyclists to be mindful and to consider the perspective of other road users. I would hope that setting aside our differences would help to change the aggressive attitudes of the small minority of road users that fuel the hostility of our daily commutes. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.