Sir, The ghastliness of this year's corporate "Christmas" cards has inspired me to equally awful verse.

How lovely to behold the scene

(Frequently of Stephen's Green)

Within is tastefully embossed

"From Blogg & Co.," outlined in frost.

`Tis certain no expense is grudged

Tho' Art and Execution fudge...

(By the way, where DO they find Watercolours of this kind?

These daubers neither paint no draw

And printing celebrates each flaw.)

Sometimes the Business House is wont

To put its logo on the front

Commissioned with pretentious waste

From agencies devoid of taste.

Don't they know we'd rather see

A plain white card, for courtesy?

Advertising's not the reason

To celebrate the Winter Season.

Yours, etc., Rathmore, Naas, Co Kildare.