Scottish nationalism


Sir, – I’d willingly debate the economics of Scottish independence with Mike Cormack (Letters, January 22nd), if space permitted. He advances the usual unionist argument – too small, too poor and, by implication, too stupid to govern ourselves. Perhaps he could answer this question: in the face of a UK government which took us out of the EU when 63 per cent in Scotland voted to stay; which consistently ignored any ideas or contributions from the Scottish government during the leaving process; and now seeks to undermine devolution by taking back powers from Holyrood to Westminster, what is a country which has consistently rejected Conservatism in both UK and Scottish elections to do? Accept the current democratic deficit, or take our future into our own hands?

Opinion polls consistently suggest that a majority in the country wish the latter. I’d rather wave a Saltire than accept permanent Westminster hegemony. – Yours, etc,