School skirts and equality


Sir, – A crisis situation, they say, should not be squandered. The current requirement that schools be ventilated presents a golden opportunity to jettison that outdated and draughty item of female attire, the school skirt.

Apart from being unsuitable in cold weather, a skirt limits the activities of girls, such as cycling to school, among the many obvious examples. It sets them apart from boys, making them less equal, always a bad thing, as registered by many people in the recent raw reflective days.

It is well over 50 years since I wore a school skirt. I thought it a ridiculous item of clothing then, and I still do.

It is well past time that female students are not required to wear restrictive, cumbersome clothing.

Girls need to see equality from an early age. The subliminal message would be that they too can and should “wear the trousers”. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.