Remembering Bang Bang

Sir, – The photograph and article about Bang Bang brought back memories of my schooldays in Dublin 60 years ago (Ronan McGreevy, "Bye bye, Bang Bang: A great Dublin eccentric gets his due", August 28th).

I attended a small school on Patrick Street at the edge of the Liberties.

In my senior years, my classroom looked out over the street and teaching was conducted to the sound of traffic on the street below.

A shout of “Bang Bang” over the noise brought smiles to our faces and, teacher permitting, we rushed to the window – a cowboy was riding the small open platform at the back of the No 50 bus, one hand on the hand-rail and the other using a key or just his fingers to shoot startled and innocent passers-by to the amusement of all the other pedestrians. On one such occasion at the end of an English class, the teacher’s last word to us as he left was, “There’s your essay for the weekend”.


It’s good to see that Bang Bang now has a fitting memorial, other than living in the memories of many people of Dublin of the time. – Yours, etc,



Co Kerry.

Sir, – Further to news of a plaque in honour of Dublin character Thomas Dudley (August 28th), my father recounted many times how as a kid he once shot Bang Bang on the bus. I believe he caught him unawares and Bang Bang didn’t even have time to draw his weapon. I think my father felt bad about it! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.