Sir, Your careful and insightful editorial (January 2nd) on religious education as a subject suitable for both curriculum and examination in Irish schools was both timely and welcome. Its well balanced vision of a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to religious education touches a useful chord.

At a time when the Irish religious landscape is littered with wreckage, religion is in danger of, being debunked with anger and cynicism. Even if we were not undergoing a serious spiritual crisis, the time has come to rehabilitate religious education. The weakness of much Irish religiosity can be traced to a style of indoctrination which emphasised confessional and sacramental, conformity. Often, the deeper and more profound religious questions were left unasked or simply ignored.

We now have a fresh opportunity to engage in the redemptive recovery of religious thought which, if done diligently, will enrich the churches, strengthen faith and ennoble society. There is nothing to be lost in saying "yes" to this fitting and far reaching proposal. At least it will help to ensure that reaction to religious faith and practice, whether negative or positive, will be informed and reasoned. - Yours etc.,


The Baptist Church,


Naas, Co Kildare.