Refunding water charges


Sir, – I do not want a refund of my water charges. Instead, I want to be able to swim in the sea without fear of E.coli. I want to be able to drink water straight from my tap and know it is clean. I want friends down the country not to have boil notices. I want there to be always plenty of water and no shortages (because we no longer have an ancient system of pipework that is leaking and damaged).

Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth. It is more valuable and essential than oil. It costs money to collect it, clean it and transport it to all our homes.

We also need an efficient and effective sewage treatment works that prevents leakage of raw sewage into the sea when there is heavy rain. All this costs money.

If there are no water charges, it has to come out of general taxation, which means two things: there will not be enough money to bring our water treatment works into the 21st century; other important services, such as our hospitals or schools, will suffer.

Most European countries pay water charges, without complaining, because it makes sense. If you do not pay for something, the quality goes down.

A dependable supply of water, that is fresh, clean and healthy – that is worth paying for! – Yours, etc,


Dunboyne, Co Meath.

Sir, – We are indeed a great little nation, as the latest stage of the Irish Water farce confirms. It is to cost an additional €10 million to set up a website in order to facilitate customers to apply for their refunds. What am I missing? Irish Water has already cost countless millions, it has a customer database and an existing website. Why can they simply not send refund cheques back to the legally compliant citizens who paid their water charges? No doubt more consultancy fees will be required to help Irish Water to advertise, promote and manage the exercise. Why does this country tolerate such mediocrity? Perhaps we are more to be pitied than scolded. – Yours, etc,



Co Tipperary.