Presbyterian view of same-sex marriage


Sir, – It is intriguing that Prof Ruth Whelan, in an attempt to delegitimise the conservative religious position on same-sex marriage within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, claims that this view is increasingly in the minority (June 13th).

Prof Whelan clearly implies that the truth of a particular proposition is somehow contingent on the number of people who hold it to be true.

An inversion of Prof Whelan’s argument displays the fallacy that lies at its core; would she say that a hypothetical increase in conservative opinion within her ecclesial community attests to the truthfulness of a conservative position? I doubt it! – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Prof Ruth Whelan refers to the general council of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland which received a report from a special task group that said that “The Church of Scotland has departed from the clear teaching of Scripture on the matter of same-sex relations”. Prof Whelan asks readers to indulge her when she states that this is just an interpretation of Scripture and of course we do.

Prof Whelan criticises the Presbyterian Church in Ireland for discontinuing conversation with the Scottish Church on the subject. I would say that we have told them time and time again – they know our position – and we pray for them, and what more can we do?

I am not a professor or doctor or a reverend, I do not even have a degree but I can read the Scriptures for myself, and so long as I do not put my reasoning above that of others and do not refuse light from any quarter, my interpretation is as valid as any other one.

The Bible clearly teaches us to love one another and we are bound to do so as Christ Himself loves us all.

The Bible also teaches that the practice of homosexuality is abhorrent and sinful and therefore the “marrying” of two people of the same sex is also unacceptable. Read it in the Bible and don’t “water it down”! – Yours, etc,



Co Cavan.