Post haste


A chara, - I wrote recently to complain about An Post's so-called "Next Day Special" service. My only regret is that I was too kind in my summation. Since then, I have spent probably hours in total on the phone, searching for parcels that fail to scan themselves and hide on shelves, or reside in the back of vans somewhere. I have been enriched with information such as: "Oh, that parcel has been scanned twice in Whitehall". Is that supposed to calm me down, when it should have been delivered to Shanliss Avenue in Santry two days earlier?

When a parcel that I posted to Flowerhill, Ballyduff, Co Waterford was discovered missing in action three days after I had posted it via NDS, I asked the question: "Where is it?" "It's in Mallow," I was comfortingly informed. Which would have been delightful if it was supposed to go to Mallow. In a controlled manner, I spluttered that when I addressed and paid for a parcel, I generally felt that no further directional requirements were needed. So in desperation I asked what else could I have done to speed up its delivery. I was told: "Well, you could put `Via Mallow' on it." Grrrrr.

Today I am once again chasing an NDS parcel posted to Naas from Dingle five days ago. Apparently, it was scanned in Tralee on the day I posted it. No trace of it since. Quelle surprise.

Apparently SDS stands for "Some Day Soon". - Is mise,

Gertrude Sampson, The Craft Village, Dingle, Co Kerry.