Politics and doing the right thing


A chara, – The two letters (December 7th) complaining about Stephen Collins’s recent article “Emmanuel Macron pays price for doing the right thing” (Opinion & Analysis, December 6th) seem only to underline his point. Each one attacked Mr Macron for taking a decision that did indeed cause pain for millions of French citizens, but neither came close to suggesting a better alternative.

Indeed, Jim O’Sullivan went further and attacked Mr Macron for having “slashed a wealth tax and introduced a flat rate on capital gains, compounding inequity”.

Mr O’Sullivan fails to mention that Mr Macron explicitly supported both of those tax measures during his campaign, a campaign that won a plurality of votes in the first round and a thumping majority in the second, and that if he were to neglect them in office he would be breaking a campaign promise, something for which politicians are usually criticised.

Another example then, of politicians paying the price for doing the right thing. – Is mise,



Dublin 8,