Plight of civilians in war-torn Syria


Sir, – In Syria, yet another military onslaught with no regard to human cost is now playing out, resulting in the displacement of thousands of families, families that have been displaced not once or twice but up to nine times since the war began. Nine times packing up, running for their lives and living in perpetual fear.

The war is raging once again as the winter approaches when temperatures can drop to zero degrees, adding further to the plight of Syrians. The daily toll – physical, mental and financial – has become unbearable.

As a humanitarian organisation, our focus right now is on gaining full access to the affected populations, to continue providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance while ensuring to the greatest extent possible the continued safety of our staff.

This is a war that has raged since 2011, with over half million people killed.

A total of 11.8 million Syrians have already been displaced within Syria. This suffering has to end. Every political and diplomatic effort is urgently needed to prevent further displacement and bloodshed. – Yours, etc,


Regional Director,

Concern Worldwide,

Camden Street Lower,

Dublin 2.