Sir, - At the launch of John Redmond's centenary commemorative stamp in 1958 Eamon de Valera was generous in his praise of him.

British hedging with Home Rule, persistence in playing the "Orange Card" and arrogance contributed to his undoing. Redmond's volunteers were contemptuously dispersed as cannon fodder throughout the British army with no recognition - a disdain rather - for their national identity. Disillusion at home reflected their treatment - and suffering. The war to preserve "the rights of small nations" lost all credibility when comparisons were made.

Redmond served his country well in fraught times but climates change and time marched on vagariously. To use his name pejoratively now is as out of date, old fashioned and blinkered as a green flag wrap or a union jack knickers. And poor old Albion nowadays only postures at being perfidious: for old times sake; for the memory. Roll on EU. - Yours, etc.,

Cedarmount Road,

Mount Merrion,

Co Dublin.