Pat Kenny on the move


Sir, – One can only hope that the departure of Pat Kenny from RTÉ is the beginning of a real shake-up at the national broadcaster.

For a long time, RTÉ has had a fixation on specific individuals, changing the station into one that is more and more known for its presenting personalities instead of the quality or relevance of its output.

At the same time, it has defied one of the basics of economics, viz, that the price for something is what the market is prepared to pay, with the station paying ridiculous sums for the loyalty of individuals when there existed or exists no competitive market to pay such sums (as evidenced by the financial offer from Mr Kenny’s new employer).

Today, Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte has expressed concern about the decline in revenues at RTÉ. This is the reaction of the commercial world to the personality-driven mindset at RTÉ and a reflection of the fact that, without quality, there will be fewer and fewer listeners in the age groups desired and thus, no buyers for the products being marketed.

I look forward to news of further departures. I am willing to send on a list of nominees if required! – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.

Sir, – “And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knew”.

Pat Kenny’s departure is a great loss to all Radio 1 listeners who were informed and entertained by him on his weekday radio show. I, for one, will follow him, if somewhat reluctantly, to Newstalk in the mornings. – Yours, etc,


Kiladoon Park,


Co Kildare.

  Sir, – So PK has finally walked his own plank. What did he expect: a million from the licence-payer and respect? – Yours, etc,


Wightman Road,