Passports and citizenship


Sir, – Regarding Dr Eric Firth’s letter of February 25th, I find myself in the same situation. Having lived in Ireland for 40 years with my Irish husband and three children, two of whom were born in Scotland and one in England, and all educated in Ireland and all having dual citizenship (UK and Irish), I now find that as my passport says that I am a British citizen, I appear to be an alien in the family! I am happy to be living here among very good friends and neighbours. I have worked here, paid PRSI and all my taxes, and as a result am in receipt of a contributory Irish state pension which makes me subject to Irish social security legislation. If and when the UK leaves the EU, is it really necessary for me to go through the Irish citizenship process and pay over €1,000 in order to be granted an Irish passport? Have I not already earned Irish citizenship? – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.