Passports and citizenship

Sir, – I am somewhat at a loss to understand the point that Ultan Ó Broin is trying to make in his letter ("A 'solidarity tax' on passports?", February 20th).

As a UK national happily living in Ireland, paying Irish taxes, and I hope integrating well into the community for nearly 14 years, I am faced with somewhat of a dilemma. The people of the UK voted to leave the EU, a decision which I strongly believe was very misguided, xenophobic and inward looking. The terms of Brexit and how that will affect UK and EU citizens are unknown. However, there is a very real chance that, as a UK national living in Ireland, I could find myself being an alien in the country that I now regard as home. At present my passport defines me as an EU citizen; this EU citizenship would cease if and when the UK leaves the EU.

Incidentally, the likely costs involved in applying for and securing Irish citizenship are well in excess of the €900 suggested as a “solidarity tax”. – Yours, etc,


Ballymore Eustace,

Co Kildare.