Participating in politics


A chara, – I write concerning Una Mullally’s column entitled “It’s pathetic to label young people apathetic” (July 28th). Ireland has one of the youngest populations in the developed world and is, thankfully, a fully-functioning democracy.

If others of my generation have such a problem with the current “social structure”, I would invite them to join those of us who vote in elections and who have decided to become politically active.

With such a large young population, there should be no issue with increasing the number of younger candidates and finding voters willing to stand by these modern, progressive voices.

I have seen first-hand that many (often most) young people in Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Féin have progressive and reformist views, and are impeded only by their small number, caused by the apathy of a generation used to having most things done for them by others.

Please don’t wait for “a bit of encouragement”: just get out there and do something. Is mise,



Cairns Road,