Parking and clamping down

Sir, – Rev Patrick G Burke invokes private property rights to question the validity of clamping cars (September 11th). Perhaps he should consider the rights of those who own or use the space where the offending cars are clamped.

I own a parking space in a private car park, and occasionally upon returning from work, I find a stranger’s car parked in my space, making it impossible for me to go to my home.

Should I ponder and then accept the property rights of this “cuckoo” or perhaps park in another person’s space thereby shifting my problem to someone else? Absolutely not!

Incidentally I have been clamped in twice in Dublin and both times were my own fault. Now I take more care to read the street signs and use the Pay and Park app, meaning I don’t run out of loose change nor do I have to run out to feed the meter if my appointment is delayed.

Those who disagree with the parking regulations are always free to use public transport. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 8.

Sir, – Clamping is a necessary disciplinary action to remind drivers that for too long their convenience has been costed externally upon other users of public space, such as pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists. – Yours, etc,