Pandemic experts


Sir, – One of the features of the recent pandemic has been the emergence of experts on broadcast and print media explaining to the public the issues relating to viruses, vaccines, disease transmission, hygiene, and epidemiology. Some of these people are genuinely expert, ie they have studied and researched in this area for many years or have been employed in the public health area. Others of these experts may have significant experience in their own fields, but no more knowledge or experience in the topics outlined above than a well-read person in the street.

Yesterday morning, I heard a geneticist discussing lockdown, travel bans and airline movements with an expert from the airline industry. Last Sunday, I heard a scientist who is an expert on mouse brains discussing the opening up of the economy after the Level 5 restrictions are lifted.

Could we have an end to this, please? I assume there is no vaccine against it, so let us lock them down in their labs and give the media some space for real news. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.