Out, damned popcorn

Sir, – If you think there are problems at the Abbey just try the output of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, which this week is presenting the English National Theatre’s superb production of Macbeth.

Unfortunately the all-pervading smell of hot salted popcorn throughout the auditorium reminded me of sitting in a cinema watching the latest blockbuster release. The constant noise of hot popcorn being rustled in cardboard cartons meant the words on stage were lost.

If the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre wants to present serious drama and opera, it needs to treat its audience with respect and stop selling popcorn to be eaten in the auditorium. Next time I want serious drama I will go to the thankfully popcorn-free Abbey, no matter what the arguments are about output and artistic direction. At least the Abbey audience is not producing a popcorn-munching cacophony of white noise in the auditorium to the detriment of what is happening on stage, and the detriment of the person sitting in front of you or beside you. – Yours, etc,