Sir, - Many years ago, a prejudiced person wrote a rhyme:

How odd / of God / to choose / the Jews.

Someone else replied:

Not quite so odd / as those who, choose / their God, / and spurn the Jews.

I thought of that response to prejudice when I read Dick, Walsh's column (January 18th).

He praises a Labour Minister (again) for the good state of the" Irish economy. Later, he diverts" from discussing a valid issue to attack the Progressive Democrats (again), for what he claims are their beliefs.

Our economy is doing well because the other parties finally accepted PD thinking. From the start, the PDs said: "We must not spend more than we earn: if we control our spending, we will pros- per." For years, people like Mr Walsh reviled them for this. Now it's proved true, these people choose PD thinking, but still spurn the PDs!

Mr Walsh keeps repeating a selective quote from a speech made two years ago, claiming it represents PD beliefs. Like Mao's followers, he is fighting paper tigers instead of real ones. He should talk to some ordinary PDs to see what they really think. Mainly, they think they've been proved right. - Yours, etc.,


Leixlip, Co Kildare.