Older people are individuals


Sir, – While I appreciate the focus on “care” about older people and the over-70s, much of it has a patronising ageist tone.

Older people are individuals who are as different as all other people are.

We have different levels of health, wellness, fitness, positivity, negativity and overall life experiences. We think differently, with our own views and opinions.

If care is truly to be shown and given then it must ensure that we are given recognition and value that listens to us and acknowledges us for our experiences and needs as individuals.

We need programmes to be designed with us, not for us. We need decisions to be made with us, not about us.

Covid-19 has thrown up many gaps in the real and true care required by older people.

The contradiction of “cocooning” people over 70 and those termed as “vulnerable” in their homes, while not having in place the required Covid-19 protection in nursing homes, care homes and disability care facilities, despite numerous calls for same, speaks volumes.

It highlights that much is needed to change in how we view and treat older people here in Ireland and indeed across the world. – Yours, etc,