Nato and Irish neutrality


Sir, – Beairtle Ó Conghaile (May 27th) criticises the Peace & Neutrality Alliance (Pana) for supporting Irish neutrality and opposing Nato. In the RedC poll in February 2016, 57 per cent of the people supported enshrining neutrality in the Constitution and 39 per cent opposed it; 55 per cent did not support the Government’s decision to allow the US to use Shannon Airport for military transit purposes, while 41 per cent agreed with the Government. Mr Ó Conghaile therefore reflects the values of a very significant minority of the people while Pana reflects the views of a clear majority. However, as Northern Ireland as part of the UK has been an integral part of Nato since its formation, and well over 2.5 million US troops have landed in Shannon Airport to take part in perpetual wars, it is his values that reflect the dominant values of successive Irish and UK governments that have controlled Ireland, not those of Pana. Since Brexit, there has been an increase in calls for a united Ireland, so in the event of it being achieved, would the all-Ireland state be neutral or in Nato? – Yours, etc,



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