National Children’s Hospital


Sir, – A group of doctors and concerned parents raised myriad concerns, including a prediction of spiralling costs, in the years when the location of the National Children’s Hospital was being decided.

In arguing against the intended site, it seems this group made a fatal error in choosing to focus their arguments on the practical concerns as these would affect the sickest children.

They spoke about problems of access, they raised doubts about whether the vital maternity hospital co-location would ever happen, they spoke about what would be best for children and why this location was a huge mistake.

It turns out, given the current pearl-clutching that’s going on in the media and political circles, they should have ignored the arguments about the children’s needs and focused on the money.

Maybe then politicians would have listened and we wouldn’t be in this sorry mess.

Cash over kids: it’s how we roll. How depressing. – Yours, etc,