Naming rights and children’s hospital


Sir, – I note with interest that Minister for Health Simon Harris is considering auctioning off naming rights to our new children’s hospital (News, December 27th).

Might I suggest that since the Irish public is paying up to €1.7 billion for the institution, we might also be granted the privilege of naming it?

I would much rather this than having it named after an insurance company or celebrity. – Yours, etc,


Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

Sir, – What about the ITSA (Irish Taxpayer Shafted Again) Children’s Hospital? – Yours, etc,



A chara, – A black hole is a region in space-time that exhibits such strong gravitational effects that nothing can escape from it.

The national children’s hospital is a region of space around St James’s Hospital that exhibits such a low level of checks and balances that cost control will always escape from it.

Maybe in 2019 if we just added a theoretical physicist to the children’s hospital project team we might be able to accurately calculate either the project complexity or cost, but never both at the same time. – Is mise,



Co Dublin.