Muslims reject Islamist Irishman


A chara, – As an Irish Muslim I’ll say this loud and clear, I love Ireland and its people and we Irish Muslims will be the first to condemn Khalid Kelly (News Features, July 31st) and be there to stop him at each step of the way.

We are dealing with a person who appears to have no respect for the sanctity of human life.

Often the first people to suffer from the actions of these radical Islamist cultists are mainstream Muslims. I fervently hope that a man like Kelly, especially with a family and young children, reforms himself and leads a peaceful life, but until that happens he must be stopped.

We Muslims in Ireland who respect and cherish Ireland’s hard fought freedoms, democracy and security will not let this twisted man endanger this country.

Our legacy as Muslims in Ireland is of thousands of doctors serving in public hospitals since the 1940s with approximately 3,000 currently in Irish hospitals; thousands of entrepreneurs contributing to the economy and thousands of academics in Irish universities who first arrived as early as the 1700s contributing in the sciences and humanities – a prominent example is Professor Mir Aulad Ali who lectured at Trinity College for over 30 years and influenced WB Yeats, James Joyce and AE. He was also a prominent member of Conradh na Gaeilge.

We will not let fascists like Terrance Khalid Kelly harm our nation or tarnish our reputation as a valued part of Irish society. – Is mise,


(former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Ireland)

South Shore Court,


Co Meath.