Mind your step


Sir, - As an avid walker I've found much pleasure traversing numerous lanes and footpaths throughout the country. In order to avoid mishaps, however, I must develop an acute dexterity in dealing with various hazards, the most insidious (and widespread) being the booby-traps of piles of canine excreta. Summertime offers some respite as visibility is generally good into the late evening hours. Astute walkers can side-step the various heaps of doggie dung. But on the dark winter evenings the first indication of a mishap is an offending aroma as one enters a warm house.

May I suggest that dog-food manufacturers be required to add a harmless, luminous dye to their products which would pass through the animal's gut and mark deposits with a soft glow, thus, affording the casual evening stroller sufficient time to avoid a messy situation? Colours could be varied to enhance the spirit of the season, for instance, red and green at Christmas, green around St Patrick's Day and purple during Lent. - Yours, etc.,

Edward D. Rafferty, Grogan's Road, Wexford Town.