Mind that mask


Sir, – I am, like all other citizens of our country, watching with grave concern as the pandemic unfolds and the cases surge. It is back to basics now for everyone, with social distancing, washing hands, cleaning surfaces, etc.

Masks are a way to control the spread of this virus without a doubt but I feel they are becoming more of a hindrance than a help when not used properly.

The blue disposable masks are just that – to be disposed of after one-off or truly short-term use.

The washable masks need to be washed daily at a high temperature.

The World Health Organisation recommends a three-layer mask made of good-quality cotton and a filter layer in between. A single layer mask made from polyester or whatever just does not cut it.

We all need to get back to the basics. I implore people to use, wear and handle their mask properly. – Yours, etc,