Media's Liberal Agenda


Sir, - I'd like to add my voice to that of Ciaran O'Connell (November 25th) regarding the media's bias in favour of abortion.

I have a mixture of conservative and liberal views and I find it quite strange that I find far less tolerance from the liberals for my conservative views than the conservatives have for my liberal views. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why Dana received far more votes in the presidential election than the media had forecast. People would not admit to voting for Dana lest they be ridiculed by their "liberal" friends.

Have you any columnists on your staff who are anti-abortion, or even mildly conservative in some of their views? This constant pushing of the liberal agenda is quite boring. I'm told by your writers that since the presidential election the country is in danger of "lurching to the right" and "rolling back the tide of liberalism" as if all that is liberal is good and all that is conservative is bad. A bit of balance, please. - Yours, etc.,

Bettyglen, Dublin 5.