Lyric FM and cultural diversity

Sir, – We at the Community Centre for Music and the Arts (CCMA) in Crumlin, with the multitudes around the country, so treasure the gift of Lyric FM to Ireland.

Lyric FM and its wonderful staff hold such a dear place in all our hearts. It is our strongest voice for music and the arts in the country.

Lyric has contributed to the development of so many orchestras around the country, including St Agnes’s Children’s Orchestra, St Agnes’s Parents’ Orchestra, our Teenage Chamber Orchestra, and so many others. These greatly benefit from the wonderful variety of music in all genres, not to mention the enormous range of classical music provided.

Please do not ever let such a national treasure be obliterated to save such a small amount of money.


The Scoil Úna Naofa Violin and Orchestra Project, Crumlin, is the 2019 recipient of the International Music Council’s (IMC) 2019 Music Rights Award.

The project is one of the many music programmes on offer under the umbrella of the CCMA.

This is an immense achievement for the violin programme, which has grown and blossomed since 2006 with little or no funding.

All of those involved in the CCMA are encouraged to listen to Lyric FM, and we even had the pleasure of a visit from Lorcan Murray.

What does it say to the children, parents, teachers and volunteers involved in this programme if Lyric FM is closed?

Listening to Lyric FM is the easiest way to be exposed to classical music. It has greatly enhanced people’s lives and improved their wellbeing.

Lyric FM also provides an irreplaceable platform for many wonderful Irish classical composers and artists. – Yours, etc,




St Agnes’s Community

Centre for Music

and the Arts (CCMA),


Dublin 12.