Low-vis runners


Sir, – We hear much about the need for cyclists to be visible to others on our roads.

We should also bear in mind the importance of runners being visible and also being able to run safely on our roads and trails in these dark winter evenings.

Recently, running in the Phoenix Park in the evening, I almost collided several times with other runners who appeared to come out of nowhere, dressed completely in dark colours and not using any reflective equipment or lights of any sort.

Some of them would put military special forces to shame in their ability to remain invisible.

How these same runners could see where they were going safely in the dark without street lighting on some of the unlit paths remains a mystery. Perhaps they had night-vision goggles and actually were special forces.

However, for civilian operations, the advice for such runners is light up, see, and be seen.

It can a long hobble home, or worse. And no decoration for bravery at the end. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.