Losing sand dunes to coastal erosion


Sir, – Up to 10 metres of sand dunes spanning almost 1,000 metres of coastline have been lost at Portrane beach in Co Dublin due to coastal erosion. Lifeguard signposts, access points and fencing have collapsed and the scene today is one of destruction and devastation.

The magnificent footpath erected only a few years ago is now in danger as the sea edges ever closer. The footpath is breached at two points and is a real danger to pedestrians and an access point 50 metres along the beach has collapsed.

There is now a real threat to low-lying houses that back onto the beach becoming exposed to flooding should the worst scenario occur.

On a recent visit to the north beach in Wicklow town I witnessed masses of caged rock reinforcing the most vulnerable areas of the beach. Why can’t similar action prevail at Portrane beach? As one who visits many beaches in Ireland each year, I have never seen such disregard for such a wonderful amenity. If the situation is not brought under control as a matter of urgency then the sand dunes on Portrane beach will be gone – gone forever – within five years.

It must also be remembered that Portrane beach was one of only four beaches in the Fingal County Council region to be awarded Blue Flag status this year for its excellent water quality, environmental education, management of the environment and safety.

Isn’t it high time Fingal County Council woke up to this potential tragedy before it is too late? – Yours, etc,


Brackenstown Avenue,


Co Dublin.