Lord mayor in Ramallah


Sir, – So the lord mayor of Dublin attended a conference in Ramallah.

And how would we know or even care about this, if not for the hysterical reaction of the Israeli authorities?

Meanwhile 1,600 unarmed Palestinians are injured by live ammunition and another 30 or so are shot dead.

The boycott movement exists to provide the Palestinians an alternative to armed struggle, saving both Palestinian and Israeli lives. It does not seek to destroy Israel, only to force it toward a meaningful accommodation, and would not be necessary at all if not for the overwhelming military and political support of the US.

The extreme reaction of Israel and its supporters toward all forms of non-violent protest is outrageous, immoral and hypocritical since, if all peaceful protest is to be met with such disproportionate force, then what is left? – Yours, etc,


An Sciobairín,

Co Chorcaí.