Leprechaun economics


Sir, – I note the headline on Paul Krugman’s article in the paper edition was “Yellen’s new alliance against the leprechauns” whereas the headline on the electronic version was “G7 tax accord is big step towards fairer world” (Business, June 9th). I think the latter was the better choice as the former perpetuates a pejorative stereotype. Not only is it not enough to brand Ireland as a leprechaun state, we are now part of a collective in the view of the headline writer. If you read Prof Krugman’s article, he states: “The thing is, Apple is far from unique in exploiting its multinational status to avoid taxes, and Ireland is far from being the most egregious tax haven, even in Europe”.

It seems Prof Krugman has moved on from name-calling. Should The Irish Times follow suit? – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.