Ivanka and the Trump legacy


Sir, – Maureen Dowd kept everyone well informed over the last few years during the Trump presidency and most recently has written about the latest efforts of people associated with Donald Trump and especially his daughter Ivanka “flipping the script” to “distance themselves and rehab their reputations” (“Even Ivanka is trying to distance herself from Daddy”, World, July 19th).

Revisionism of the Trump era without any feeling of remorse or shame was always a certainty as Mr Trump himself seldom stopped changing his narrative while in office.

Being fully embroiled at the heart of her father’s administration with its slew of disinformation, such as the incompetent handling of the pandemic or the claim of a fraudulent election and the Capitol riot, are some of the many tarnished labels that will be difficult for Ivanka to unstick.

People are unlikely to have any belief or be impressed by any new-found image she may try to present and only the disparate alliance of committed Trump supporters, who go along with him no matter what, are likely to have any interest in her “memoirs” or being a future Republican candidate for the presidency. – Yours, etc,


Ballina, Co Mayo.