Israel's actions in Gaza


Madam, — The report in your edition of February 12th on my talk at Trinity College in defence of Israel’s recent actions in Gaza was generally accurate, but it misquoted me on one point.

I did not say that the IDF warned civilians three hours in advance that their buildings were about to be bombed. The three hours I mentioned was the length of time most days that bombing was suspended and border crossings opened so that supplies could reach civilians.

The warning times were generally about 15 minutes. – Yours, etc,



Texas, USA.

Madam, – Your report on Prof Steven Weinberg’s speech at Trinity C says he “was interrupted several times by those opposing his views”.

The report neglects to mention that his speech was part of a debate organised by the venerable College Historical Society (I was another participant). Far from being heckled, as your reporter’s phrase might imply, the Nobel Prize winner was “interrupted” by students, many wearing bow-ties, who stood silently with hands outstretched begging to offer “points of information”. Prof Weinberg refused most of them and they sat down quietly.

The only disorderly interruption came from the professor’s charming wife Louise, who sought to improve his argument. – Yours, etc,


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