‘Ireland’s Call’ – hit or miss?


Sir, – As the season of complaining about the Ireland’s Call rugby anthem is just about on us, may I suggest a house rule? All complainants must include a practical acceptable alternative to the current arrangements. Space is tight on this page, and if implemented I confidently predict a dramatic reduction in grumpy attacks on the current cumbersome but working situation. – Is mise,


Na Forbacha,

Co na Gaillimhe.

Sir, – It crops up as regularly as the letters about the first sightings of swallows and cuckoos, suggestions of letting the clocks stay on summer time, and the first sighting of Christmas lights, but I am getting a bit cheesed-off with the annual whinging about the playing of the national anthem and/or Ireland’s Call at international rugby matches.

Perhaps if the complainers attended a match or two at the Aviva, they would see what real unity is and not the narrow-minded nationalist version that may accompany other less widely known sporting codes. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.