Inter-Church Communion


Sir, - After Mass last Sunday I received a pamphlet published by the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference where the matter of sacramental sharing is given some coverage.

As a lifelong Catholic, probably longer than many of the Bishops concerned, I find this both intellectually and spiritually offensive. I am told I may not receive the Eucharist except from Catholic ministers.

Any "officer" who prevents Christians from participating in a Eucharist celebrated by another Christian Church, especially when the best theological endeavours have shown the same faith in Christ's presence in both churches, is not only acting ultra vires, he is actively propounding a false view of Christianity, be he priest, bishop or cardinal.

This pamphlet is not Christ's teaching. It is that of Leo XIII, proclaimed in 1896 in Apostolicae Curae, largely at the behest of Cardinal Vaughan of Westminster. That the Christian Eucharist should be used to drive a wedge into the very symbol of Christ's union with the Church represents an inexcusable assault on the people of God. - Yours, etc., Eoghan O'Regan,

Glenageary Park,

Co Dublin.