Information about eating


Madam, - Your Edition of September 14th reports the findings of the Nutrition and Health Foundation that we are in denial about our poor health and are short of time to exercise, despite having generally high awareness of healthy eating - all very true, I am sure.

However, we should be aware that the NHF "strives to provide the link between the Irish food and drink industry and the consumer and other stake-holders by dissemination of evidence-based information on nutrition and physical activity" (website:, and represents the interests of Batchelors, Cantrell & Cochrane, Cadburys, Coca-Cola, Guinness, McDonald's, Tayto and Wrigley, among others.

While accepting that its information is evidence-based, we should also take it in moderation as part of a balanced information intake - and with a large pinch of salt. - Yours, etc,

Dr STUART NEILSON, York Terrace, York Hill, Cork.